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Tip of the Month

One the most important aspects of maintaining dental hygiene is diet. Sugary foods linger in the mouth, feeding bacteria and causing them to multiply. Did you know that starch-based foods such as bread and pasta also contain sugar? Keeping your mouth clean by eating at regular meal-times and rinsing your mouth out with water after eating can keep your teeth healthy and white – and preserve your smile for years to come. 

About The Luba Slome Dental Center

The Luba Slome Dental Center was founded in 1985 through the initiative of the South African United Israel Appeal and Dr. Isaac V. Perle, a prominent Boston dentist and former faculty member at Harvard University's School of Dental Medicine. Disturbed by the lack of quality dental services available to Jerusalem's poor and widespread ignorance regarding proper dental habits, they were determined to make a difference. With the help of legendary former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek and Benny Slome, the clinic was destined to become one of Israel's largest dental clinics. The new clinic was named in honor of Dr. Luba Slome, Benny Slome's mother and the first Jewish woman to graduate as a dentist from the University of Warsaw in Poland.

Since then, Luba Slome has grown to become one of Israel's top providers of dental services, with over 300,000 patient visits since 1985. In addition to publishing easily accessible material on dental health, the clinic offers educational workshops in its Education Room and runs workshops in kindergartens all around greater Jerusalem. Luba Slome’s Family Dental Caries Prevention Programs have taught thousands of families how to improve dental hygiene and prevent costly and painful diseases. We aim to expand the program to reach even more families in the upcoming years.

Luba Slome's work is made possible by the generosity of our supporters and by a dedicated and highly trained staff of 45, including 16 dentists. Luba Slome's dentists choose to make a difference, even if it means taking a pay cut. Together with the children of the community, they bring a special atmosphere to the clinic which keeps patients and staff smiling.





"Working at Luba Slome for the past 28 years has given me the opportunity to help children every day." - Dr. Howard Metz, Luba Slome Dentist

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