Registration for Luba Slome's Family Dental Caries Prevention Programs is now open. You and your family can learn how to care for your oral health...


Luba Slome welcomes the children of the 'Meuhedet' health provider up to age 12, to receive free dental coverage through Israel's public health pro...


Luba Slome wishes to acknowledge the heartwarming generosity of Tooth Fairy Children's Foundation of Calgary, Canada, and its president Toothena (a...

Tip of the Month

One the most important aspects of maintaining dental hygiene is diet. Sugary foods linger in the mouth, feeding bacteria and causing them to multiply. Did you know that starch-based foods such as bread and pasta also contain sugar? Keeping your mouth clean by eating at regular meal-times and rinsing your mouth out with water after eating can keep your teeth healthy and white – and preserve your smile for years to come. 

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