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Donate to Luba Slome

Luba Slome is a registered non-profit in Israel and enjoys tax-exempt status in the US through the Jerusalem Dental Center for Children (JDCC). Our mission is to bring about a revolution in Israeli dental health through affordable dental care and educational programs.

Every year thousands of Israeli families experience the lifelong benefits of Luba Slome's high standards of dentistry and our Family Dental Caries Prevention Programs. We rely on the generous support of individual donors and foundations to maintain our services.

Your gift will enable us reach even more families and visit more kindergartens, providing a new generation with the knowledge and materials they need to keep their smiles bright for a lifetime.





Message from Luba Slome's President

Dear Friend,

        More than 28 years ago, when visiting Israel and seeing first hand the dental problems of the disadvantaged populations, I first had the idea of establishing a non-profit dental center. I didn't dream of anything on the scale of Luba Slome today. At first there were two dental chairs and a small residency program. Over the years, Luba Slome has grown to become one of the largest non-profit dental centers in Israel -  we've treated a sizeable portion of Jerusalem's population at one time or another! I think that fact speaks volumes about the great dentists and special atmosphere at the clinic. Even more significantly, our educational programs have helped countless families help themselves for a lifetime.

       I believe there is no greater gift than health. When Luba Slome's dedicated dentists and staff provide children with the well-being and confidence that comes from good oral health, we give them more than a nice smile. We give them the ability to enjoy life confidently and fully. That to me is worth all our efforts.

       Luba Slome's success story is thanks in large part to the generous support of its friends and supporters in Israel, the US, and around the world. There are still many more underprivileged children in Jerusalem and around Israel that need our help. When a family receives oral health education, it directly affects their life for the better - and the knowledge is passed on to the next generation. I am convinced we are on our way to bringing about real improvement in the Israeli public's dental health.

       With your generous support, Luba Slome can expand its oral health educational programs and reach more of those who need a guiding hand.

        In 28 years we've seen remarkable improvement. With your help, the next 28 years will put a stop to the plague of dental disease affecting Israel's underprivileged populations. All children deserve to have healthy mouths. All children deserve an equal chance to succeed and prosper in life.
Please join us and help make a difference.

With heartfelt thanks,

          Dr. Isaac V. Perle,
          Founder and President
          The Luba Slome Dental Center 


Become a Luba Slome Supporter

We would be delighted to welcome you to our family of supporters, or to answer any additional questions you might have about our programs and activities. The general public is invited to tour our clinic, observe our educational programs, and meet with our staff and patients to see first hand the work done at Luba Slome.

To arrange a contribution, or to learn more about Luba Slome's services and programs, please contact Judy Yehezkel at


The Luba Slome Dental Center warmly thanks the following organizations for their generous support (2007-2012): *

  • Jerusalem Dental Center for Children

  • Alpha Omega USA

  • Alpha Omega Toronto

  • Alpha Omega Reserve Toronto

  • Bequest Fund Israel

  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

  • The Benny Slome Charitable Foundation

  • The South African United Israel Appeal

  • The Kathryn Ames Foundation

  • The Alpha Omega London Charitable Trust

  • GlaxoSmithKline Israel

  • Teva Inc. (Israel)

  • GC

  • The Tooth Fairy Children's Foundation (Calgary, Canada)

  • * Luba Slome is also grateful to a number of donors who have asked to remain anonymous