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Luba Slome Educational Programs

Since 2005, Luba Slome's Dental Caries Prevention Programs have reached thousands of families – including on average 3,000 children a year. The programs are designed to promote good oral health habits and provide the tools needed to control oral diseases. Early education is an essential and inexpensive means of securing freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering as well as costly future dental treatment. Participants are instructed and guided in how to care for their teeth and oral hygiene through good nutrition, correct brushing, cleanings and professional diagnostics.


Some of the long-term consequences of oral disease in children include:

  • Impaired quality of life due to pain, loss of function and damaged self-esteem

  • Growth delay (height/weight)

  • Possible damage to permanent teeth

  • High risk of new caries, also in permanent dentition

  • Hospitalization, emergency visits

  • Loss of school days and diminished ability to learn

  • Lost work days (parents) and lost school days (children)

  • Costly treatment (Sedation, GA)


Family Dental Caries Prevention Program

WHO studies have shown that early childhood education is an effective means of radically reducing the presence of dental disease, and our experience has confirmed this. Luba Slome's Family Dental Caries Prevention Program workshops are geared toward educating children and their parents on the basic procedures of dental care - such as brushing teeth effectively, flossing, fluoride treatments, monitoring the intake of foods that are high in sugar and regular cleanings by a hygienist.

Workshops take place in the clinic's special education room which is outfitted with sinks and mirrors for children. Additional workshops take place within the kindergarten system, giving Luba Slome the opportunity to spread the work of dental care beyond its own patient base.


If you or someone you know could benefit from Luba Slome's Family Dental Caries Prevention Programs, we encourage you to click here for program hours and registration information.


Free Educational Material

Luba Slome publishes free oral health educational material for caregivers and children. To browse or to download our pamphlets, flyers and activities for children, click here.